How does our English teaching method work?

A different language is a different vision of life

Federico Fellini.

Knowing English has become one of those skills our future world citizens will require to perform confidently and effectively in multiple professional, social and cultural tasks in the labor market.

Being proficient in this “Global Language” has widespread benefits beyond being ready for the professional world.

Besides the above, by speaking English, lots of opportunities to study abroad or know new cultures and places all over the world will be a reality for those who achieve proficiency and accuracy in terms of a foreign language.

Colegio Andino de Tunja is aware of the importance of getting its students ready for these global challenges and opportunities. That is why our school offers an Intensive English training to all students. Our well-prepared teachers focus their teaching plans on a communicative approach in order that learners can use English in real and daily life settings. To accomplish those learning goals, Colegio Andino English staff trains students in the four basic language skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) by drawing upon specialized and authentic material, English learning platforms and a continuous monitoring and assessing process of teaching and learning methods.

Thanks to our excellent support staff and our agreement with Richmond Solution for Schools, since 2017 our graduates have been certificated by ETS and its TOEFL Junior Test in regard to the level of language competence reached throughout their school years achieving B1 and B1+ proficiency levels.